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Generous donation from The Morton Arboretum

Date£º2013-6-18 16:35:11 hits£º
     The Morton Arboretum have made a generous donation of $1,500 to the Sylvia Scholarship

     BGCI would like to thank The Morton Arboretum for their gift towards the Sylvia Scholarship
Fund.  This fund was established in 2012 to provide 
training and exchange visits to
horticulturalists working in Botanic 
Gardens in developing countries and has already made it
possible for 
people from gardens in Central and South America to participate in the Botanic
Gardens Education Congress which was held in Mexico in 
November 2012. 

     With this donation The Morton Arboretum  are supporting one of BGCI's key aims which
is to enhance capacity building within botanic gardens allowing staff from developing
countries to participate in training and network with the botanic garden community.